Lunar Motorhomes

Lunar Motorhomes

Lunar motorhomes

Lunar motorhomes have been known for their lightweight touring caravans for over 40 years. Bringing that excellence over to motorhomes, Lunar create compact motorhomes made for those who favour exploring over space. With all of the essentials, the Lunar motorhomes offer somewhere comfortable to relax in at the end of the day and wind down ready for the day ahead.

Lunar Landstar

Lunar Landstar motorhomes

The Lunar Landstar range, includes the EWS and the RLS van conversion motorhomes that have been thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a unique travelling experience. For 2018, the Lunar Landstar range includes new features to make sure that you get the most out of your new motorhome. The two-berth motorhomes have been created to provide easy touring experiences for couples or those who like to explore alone. The motorhomes provide enough storage space to cater for sports equipment and all of the necessities for travelling.

Lunar Roadstar

Lunar Roadstar motorhomes

The Lunar Roadstar motorhomes feature both two-berth and four-berth, giving you the option of bringing along the family or being able to cater for guests. The layouts in the Lunar Roadstar range feature a large U-Shaped lounge in the two-berth EL, offering a large lounge space to socialise at the end of the day and turn into a double bed to save space throughout the vehicle. The two-berth Roadstar TI and EB offer fixed beds, with an island bed or two fixed single beds.