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Globecar motorhomes has been trusted by Dicksons of Perth over the years to be part of our rentals fleet. The remarkable build-quality of every van conversion means you can put your trust into these Globecar campervans wherever you go.

Throughout the Globecar campervans for sale at Dicksons, you will find plenty of models across the Globecar D-Line and Globecar H-Line range, offering motorhomes that are capable of sleeping two to four people. Efficient on space, whichever Globecar motorhome you choose you can be sure with the practical layouts and cosy interiors every holiday you take will be unique and memorable.

Dicksons of Perth is easily accessible from Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and also connects to main roads leading to Aberdeen and Inverness. Due to its location, Dicksons is the ideal campervan dealership to find the Globecar of your dreams.

D-Line Range

Globecar D-Line Motorhomes

The Globecar D-Line range of campers for sale features some of the most popular motorhomes by the brand, including the Globecar Roadscout, Globescout and Globestar 600L. All of the motorhomes for sale in the D-Line range are two-berth models, making these nimble and agile campervans perfect for an adventure holiday away. With the driving capabilities of a car, you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park your motorhome or navigating down narrow and winding roads.

H-Line Range

Globecar H-Line Motorhomes for sale

The Globecar H-Line range offers larger motorhomes than its sister range, providing motorhomes capable of sleeping four people. With a loft bed in all of the H-Line models, these beds are easily stored out of view during the day and brought down at night with no hassle. Perfect for those that enjoy spending time outdoors, the Globecar H-Line range offers a comfortable retreat at the end of the day for couples or small families. Offering easy and reliable driving, each campervan in the H-Line range provides you with the ability to holiday at your own pace.

The Globecar H-Line features the following models which are available at Dicksons of Perth: The Globecar Concorde Compact, Globecar Vario 499, Globecar Vario 545 and the Globescout Vario. If there is a Globecar camper you are interested in that isn’t listed as for sale at Dicksons, then don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will always look to help you purchase your dream motorhome.