Itineo Motorhomes

Itineo Motorhomes

Itineo Motorhomes

As part of the Rapido group, Itineo motorhomes can be trusted to provide high-quality motorhomes across coachbuilt and A-Class models. For 2019 all of the A-Class motorhomes have been updated to provide you with premium and practical designs. No matter which Itineo motorhome you choose, you’re guaranteed to be spending your time in a chic and fashionable motorhome offering easy living in a hotel-like interior. With six new models across the ranges, the wide selection of Itineo motorhomes means you can choose which is best for you and your family. With four, five and six-berth models available, and a choice of large garage spaces, fixed beds or large lounges to spend quality family time, Itineo has plenty to choose from.

Dicksons of Perth is easily accessible from Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and also connects to main roads leading to Aberdeen and Inverness. Due to its location, Dicksons is the ideal place to find the motorhome of your dreams.

650 Range

Itineo Motorhomes 650 Range

For 2019 the Itineo 650 range consists of just one model; the FC650 is a four-berth A-Class motorhome with neutral tones creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The luxury of this motorhome is amplified by the number of useful features throughout, including the full size refrigerator, generous storage space and large garage with three access points. Including a drop-down bed and a convertible lounge, the amount of living space during the day is improved being able to accommodate for a large end bathroom and open kitchen area.

700 Range

Itineo Motorhomes 700 Range

The Itineo 700 range includes four A-Class motorhomes for 2019, with models from four to six-berths. Across the models, the layouts all include a fixed bed of sorts, whether that is an island bed, bunk beds or twin beds. Throughout the range you can also choose from a variety of garage sizes, allowing you ample storage space for sports equipment or extra luggage. With magnificent designs, these motorhomes offer a true home away from home with everything you could need and more. The Itineo 700 range is a must-see to get the full effect of these practical layouts and lavish designs.

740 Range

Itineo Motorhomes 740 Range

The largest of all of the 2019 Itineo ranges, both in terms of motorhome size and number of models in the range, the 740 range consists of seven motorhomes offering something new in them all. The two new PM740 and PJ740 models are the only low-profile motorhomes across the Itineo selection, offering the same great design and luxury but in a different body style. With these low-profile motorhomes you receive electric drop down beds in both, providing additional sleeping spaces without taking up any living space. The rest of the A-Class motorhomes in this range offer a fixed bed as standard with additional convertible lounge or drop-down bed. With features across the range including day/night partition, double access bathroom and folding lounge table, the layouts in these Itineo 740 motorhomes are flexible and versatile.