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Motorhomes Under 3,500kg For Sale

At Dicksons we stock a vast number of motorhomes of all different types – including in the weight class below 3500kg. These are highly convenient vehicles – the on the road equivalent of ‘plug in and play’, as you only need a standard UK driving licence to get behind the wheel and take off on your adventures. Check out the stock available right now at Dicksons, and very soon you could be heading for the horizon in the motorhome of your 3500kg dreams!

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Why buy a motorhome under 3500kg?

Motorhomes which weigh below 3,500kg can be driven on a standard UK driving licence, so they are very convenient and accessible, bypassing the need to take additional tests and acquire higher classification which is required for heavier models. They are also much easier to handle than heavier models, as well as being more fuel efficient.

About Motorhomes below 3500kg

Despite the fact they are lighter, this type of motorhome is not necessarily smaller than any other in its class. Motorhomes below 3500kg are cleverly designed to maximise both space and essential features, with manufacturers working hard to design interiors that are well-equipped and comfortable. They feature compact yet functional and well-kitted kitchens and washrooms, cosy sleeping quarters and enjoyable social spaces, as well as ‘mod cons’ like heating, hot water and entertainment systems.

These areas are combined in a variety of available layouts and styles, dependent on the model you choose. From compact van conversions to larger coachbuilt models, the range of motorhomes available under 3500kg means that there’s a suitable option for every requirement – solo traveller, couple or family. Generally, motorhomes under 3,500kg are more fuel efficient than their heavier counterparts, which means there is the additional benefit of cost savings to be made on longer trips.

Ultimately, motorhomes under 3500kg are the ideal choice for travellers who want to balance value for money, a sense of freedom and the ease of driving with the comforts attainable when living in a quality on the road home.

Frequently asked questions

Motorhomes weighing less than 3500kg are perfect for first-timers as they’re easy enough to handle out on the road. They’re also good for casual motorhomers who don’t want to have to take further tests to attain a higher classification on their driving licence (which they would have to do if the vehicle was over 3500kg).

Broadly speaking, this is a difficult question to answer completely accurately as there are so many different motorhomes out on the roads today – and many different ones available within the stock at Dicksons. However, motorhomes below 3500kg are certainly very popular and we believe this is for a reason – the versatility and convenience we have described elsewhere on this page.

We can certainly help you out if this is the case, as we have a wide-ranging stock of motorhomes here at Dicksons. However, if you don’t already have it, you will need to achieve a C1 classification on your driving licence. Doing so involves further testing (both theory and practical) as well as medical examination etc. When you’re buying, think carefully – do you want to go through all of that when, perhaps, a vehicle below 3500kg would be equally as useful and rewarding to you?