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The Highlands

Embark on a journey through the Scottish Highlands, an expanse of untouched natural beauty, with a campervan from Dicksons. Opting for our Highlands campervan hire allows you to comfortably and luxuriously absorb the breathtaking scenery. Discover the Scottish Highlands at your own pace with Dicksons motorhome hire, ensuring a memorable adventure through one of Scotland’s most stunning landscapes.

The NC500

Experience the ultimate Scottish road trip with the North Coast 500, an unforgettable 500-mile journey showcasing Scotland’s majestic coastal landscapes. A week-long adventure is recommended to fully embrace the breathtaking views and unique experiences offered along this route. Renting a motorhome from Dicksons offers you the freedom to explore this stunning area at your own pace, ensuring comfort and convenience as you travel. The NC500 is divided into six distinct regions, each offering its own attractions, from the cultural vibrancy of Inverness to the rugged wilderness of Sutherland, ensuring that every mile is packed with discovery.

Why Hire?

Hiring a campervan in Scotland offers a unique and flexible way to explore the rich landscapes and historic sites of this beautiful country. With a campervan, travellers have the freedom to move at their own pace, choosing their routes and destinations without being tied to hotel bookings. This mobility is ideal for accessing remote areas like the Scottish Highlands or the famous North Coast 500, where traditional accommodations may be sparse.

Pet friendly hire

Pet-friendly motorhome hire caters to travellers who wish to bring their furry friends along on their adventures. This option eliminates the stress and expense of pet boarding, ensuring that no family member is left behind. Choosing a pet-friendly motorhome allows for spontaneous stops to explore parks and trails, making the journey enjoyable for pets and providing peace of mind for pet owners. This type of hire is perfect for those seeking a truly inclusive family holiday.