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Airport collection

Quality rentals for your holiday in Scotland

Airport pick-up

If you’re flying into Scotland to enjoy a scenic holiday, Dicksons of Perth not only provide you with quality motorhome rentals, but we can pick you up from the airport with our airport transfer service. With Perth being located in central Scotland, airport collection is available from all major Scottish airports, including, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. So, whether you want to stay and explore the sights of Aberdeen or Edinburgh, or wish to explore the Scottish Highlands, Dicksons of Perth is the perfect choice for Scotland motorhome hire. Dicksons of Perth motorhome hire provides a variety of brand new motorhomes ranging from 2 to 7-berth models with dog and pet-friendly motorhome hire options available too.

No need for a taxi

No matter where you’re travelling from, or how long you’ve been on your flight, finding a taxi when you’ve just landed can be a hassle and an unnecessary stress. At Dicksons of Perth, we understand that after getting off the plane, all you want to do is relax and unwind as soon as possible. By choosing to rent a campervan you can enjoy your holiday at your own pace, not wait around for taxis or a hire car to get you to where you want. Dicksons of Perth can help you do just that, as with pick-up from major Scottish airports such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen we can get you to your holiday home on wheels that little bit faster, and it is one less thing to worry about. So, instead of making your way from Edinburgh airport to Perth with bags of luggage, one of our friendly staff can be there to meet you when you come off the plane. Dicksons of Perth is the perfect choice for campervans and motorhomes, whether you are arriving into Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Aberdeen airport. Why not have a look at our places to visit page for more inspiration?

We'll get you in the 'holiday mode'

Dicksons of Perth, pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, and the last thing we want is for your holiday to begin full of stress. This is why we want to get you in the holiday mode as soon as you land, that way you can start to enjoy the beautiful Scottish countryside straight away. Our airport collection service is available for anyone flying into Scotland both internally or internationally. We can pick you up from major Scottish airports such as Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness, taking you straight to our motorhome hire site in Perth. We have found that motorhome hire is excellent for those who love to explore and hate the restrictions that traditional holidays provide.

As soon as you step off the aeroplane you can put your holiday hat on and start choosing your first destination; whether it be historic Edinburgh, Glasgow and its architecture, Dundee with its passion for food or the ‵northern lights′ of old Aberdeen. When hiring a motorhome from any of these Scottish cities you can benefit from planning your own route, traveling wherever you want and even staying in a different city every night.

Drive away in your newly rented motorhome

After being on a crowded plane and going through all of the airport stresses, being able to relax in your warm and comfortable motorhome becomes a much awaited pleasure. Once we have picked you up from the airport, whether that be in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow or Inverness, your chosen motorhome will be ready waiting for you and all you have to think about is where you will be heading off to first. Be it the scenic sights of the Scottish Highlands or the historic castle of Edinburgh that take your fancy, campervan or motorhome hire from Dicksons of Perth allows you to travel Scotland at your own pace.