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A-Class Motorhomes For Sale

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle so you can hit the road in style, an A-class motorhome is the choice for you. At Dicksons there are plenty of fantastic vehicles in stock, so you’ll easily be able to find the right luxury liner for you. With top quality brands such as Itineo, Malibu and Pilote available, getting out on the road in a spectacularly well-appointed vehicle is as simple as getting in touch for more information and to book a visit.

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What is an A-class motorhome

Unlike coachbuilt motorhomes where the living area is grafted onto the chassis of an already existing cab, A-Class motorhomes offer a much more integrated living and driving experience. The driver’s cab is within the main body of the vehicle, making for an exceptionally spacious interior which is ideal for socialising. Swivel cab seats enhance the space, allowing the cab to become part of the living area. A-class motorhomes are also based on the principle of luxury, with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, extremely comfortable living spaces and beds, all created using the best available materials.

The main features of an A-class motorhome

A-Class motorhomes provide highly functional living layouts and sleeping arrangements, including options such as bunk beds and island beds. These may even be contained within a designated bedroom space for additional privacy. A-class motorhomes tend to have more space than other motorhomes so that the entire family can live comfortably on the road. Additionally, there will be an abundance of numerous state of the art conveniences including multimedia systems, air conditioning, LED lighting and driver assistance features such as reverse parking cameras and integrated sat nav systems. If you’re interested in exploring the A-class excellence available from Dicksons, just drop us a line or give us a call.

Frequently asked questions

Very simply, this is due to the way the motorhome has been manufactured. The living area has been constructed to fully incorporate the driver’s cab area so that it is directly integrated into the living space. Additionally, A-class motorhomes tend to be larger, more spacious and more luxurious than other types of motorhome.

The A-class motorhomes available at Dicksons are suitable for a wide variety of people – though customers should always bear in mind that these vehicles are larger and more luxurious and therefore come at a higher price point. An A-class motorhome is suitable for anyone who expects the very finest things in life, or who is likely to be out travelling the road for months at a time.