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Itineo motorhomes

The new Itineo motorhomes collection is arriving on the Dicksons forecourt for 2024. The Cozi and Famili are luxury leisure vehicle ranges packed with quality touches and featuring beautifully fresh contemporary design. The Famili Compact and Spirit Editions are variants offering even more excellence. Blossoming from the legacy of the well-established Rapido Group, Itineo motorhomes build on years of expert engineering and craftsmanship to offer a brand that brings both comfort and style right to the forefront of motorhoming. With more style, more character and more comfort, the Itineo range at Dicksons will elevate your experience for 2024. Check out our Itineo motorhomes and contact the team for more info.

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Check out the Itineo brochure for more information on what their ranges have to offer.

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