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Our campervan brands

at Dicksons Motorhomes.

Dicksons stocks a fantastic selection of campervan models from exceptional brands – including Auto Sleepers, Malibu and Roller Team. Customers have the best possible options when choosing their new campervan, with an abundance of quality vehicles to pick from. Make your choice and get ready to hit the road in style for another year in your fantastic new campervan. More about each of our brands below, or contact us for more information.

Auto-Sleepers campervans

For over six decades, Auto-Sleepers, a premier British campervan manufacturer, has led the industry with its innovative designs and high-specification campervans. If you’re on the quest for a new campervan to kickstart your adventures, Auto-Sleepers stands as an unmatched choice. Dicksons of Perth, an official Auto-Sleepers dealer, is excited to showcase the 2024 Auto-Sleepers new campervan range. Explore our selection of Auto-Sleepers new campervans for sale on our website and reach out to us for further details or to schedule a viewing. Start your journey with Auto-Sleepers and Dicksons of Perth today, and step into a world of quality, innovation, and adventure.

Malibu campervans

Malibu by Carthago presents the latest in campervan innovation, design and specification. Malibu’s new campervans for the 2024 season contain clever and unique innovations which are rarely found in any other campervan, this is what makes them so sought after both in the UK and across the continent. With a generous amount of storage space on each model to ensure that your new campervan doesn’t feel cramped, as well as robust construction with the latest technology, the attention to detail sets Malibu campervans apart from the rest. Ingenious features include under floor storage, flexible washroom design and warm, comforting interiors that let in a maximum amount of natural light. Find the brand new 2024 Malibu campervans for sale at Dicksons of Perth and contact us to arrange a viewing. As the Malibu ‘UK Dealer of the Year,’ we have the expertise to find the perfect new Malibu campervan for you.

Roller Team campervans

The new Roller Team campervans for sale at Dicksons of Perth are the epitome of luxury and functionality on wheels. Each model showcases the meticulous Italian craftsmanship Roller Team is famous for, combined with cutting-edge features and layouts optimised for comfort and convenience. Whether you’re planning weekend escapes or longer journeys across the country, these campervans provide the perfect mobile base for all your adventures. Key highlights of the 2024 Roller Team range include advanced living and storage solutions that maximise space without compromising on aesthetics or comfort. From spacious dinettes to cosy sleeping areas and fully equipped kitchens, every inch of these campervans is designed with the traveller’s experience in mind. Additionally, Roller Team’s commitment to incorporating the latest technology ensures that owners enjoy not only a stylish and comfortable living space but also a safe and efficient driving experience. Features like efficient engines, state-of-the-art navigation systems, and advanced safety features make traveling in a Roller Team campervan both a pleasure and a breeze.

Rapido campervans

New Rapido campervans represent the pinnacle of comfort and functionality in the leisure vehicle industry. With a rich history of French craftsmanship and a commitment to quality, Rapido continues to set benchmarks in the use of quality materials and advanced technology. Rapido began its journey with the innovative Randonneur folding caravan, which gained popularity due to its compactness and ease of use. Over the decades, Rapido transitioned into manufacturing motorhomes, and have now branched out into campervans. Explore our selection of new Rapido campervans for sale on our website and reach out to us for further details or to schedule a viewing. Start your journey with Rapido and Dicksons of Perth today.

Dreamer campervans

As part of the esteemed Rapido Group, Dreamer leverages decades of expertise in the leisure vehicle industry. This rich heritage is evident in the exceptional construction and finishes of every Dreamer campervan. Ideal for those seeking a vehicle that seamlessly combines everyday practicality with holiday comfort, Dreamer campervans stand out with their French-made quality, modern design, and affordable pricing. They offer a unique blend of versatility, performance, and style, making them perfect for navigating city streets or exploring the great outdoors. With Dreamer campervans, you can look great and travel with ease, turning every journey into an adventure.