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All Campervans For Sale

Dive into the exciting world of campervans, commonly referred to as campers or van conversions. These compact, all-in-one leisure vehicles integrate the driving and living spaces on a standard van chassis, offering a snug and efficient setup for adventures. At Dicksons of Perth, we simplify the process of acquiring a new campervan with options for part exchange and a variety of financing solutions.

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New and used campervans for sale

Campervans are the up-and-coming leisure vehicle, and here at Dicksons of Perth, we’re specialist providers of campervans in Scotland. Discover our extensive range today, available and ready for you to view. Whether you’re after a brand-new two-berth campervan or a more affordable four-berth campervan, we have a range of both new and used campervans for sale in Scotland.

So, if you are searching for a new leisure vehicle, we can promise you the perfect campervan to suit your style and preferences. If you’re considering a short excursion or a well-planned road trip across the Scottish Highlands, our campervans in Scotland are a superb option. From Auto-Sleepers to Malibu vans, we have a variety of campervans for sale from reputable manufacturers. Not only this, but we are the only Malibu dealership in Scotland, and provide an exceptional range of Malibu vans for you to view, including the mesmerising Malibu Skyview and Diversity.

Campervans in Scotland

We have a range of new and used campervans in Scotland, and many of our used models come with added extras fitted by the owner to offer you something extra. Our campervans for sale in Scotland are as luxurious as they are practical. With two-berth campervans, six-berth campervans, and everything in between, we can find you a model and layout that will suit your specific requirements. Browse our models online or contact our team to arrange a viewing. You can enquire on our online contact form or talk to one of our team by calling us on 01738 626287.

Frequently asked questions

Vintage campervans will almost certainly not have the level of braking, acceleration or turning circle that you have become accustomed to if you have driven a modern vehicle of any kind. Most modern campervans are particularly easy to handle on the road, offering a smooth and comfortable driving experience almost on a par with a car.

Campervans in stock at Dicksons usually weigh less than 3500kg, therefore you are able to drive them on a standard UK driving licence without the requirement to take further tests etc. You should always check, though, that you are correctly licensed.