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Motorhomes Over 3,500kg For Sale

At Dicksons we have many motorhomes available – including some which weigh over 3500kg. These are top quality leisure vehicles often of a slightly larger size as well as weight, meaning more space for you and your family to have some on the road fun. Whether you’re looking for a larger coachbuilt motorhome or have your heart set on an A-class luxury liner, take a look at the stock available right now at Dicksons. For further information don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Why buy a motorhome over 3500kg?

A motorhome with a larger weight is more likely to have an increased amount of space available for the manufacturers to fit in all of the features you require, without compromising on space. This means more comfort, more convenience and more luxury. Motorhomes over 3,500kg can be driven on a UK driving licence, though you must take additional tests (theory, practical and medical) and acquire the higher classification C1. Once you’d done that and got behind the wheel of your new 3500kg-plus motorhome, there’s a lifetime of luxury ahead.

About Motorhomes above 3500kg

Manufacturers of motorhomes above 3500kg tend to have more space to work with when they’re putting together the layouts, which potentially leads to different choices designed to truly make the most of space and essential features. Interiors tend to be extremely well-thought out, with ‘function areas’ such as well-kitted kitchens and washrooms providing a very comfortable experience. Bedrooms and social spaces are more comfortable and there are plenty of ‘mod cons’ such as heating and hot water systems plus entertainment equipment.

Motorhomes above 3500kg will have layouts and styles, dependent on the model you choose. The larger coachbuilt models will provide an excellent living experience, but the A-class will be a cut above. Luxury is paramount, with the best materials and best finished used in very cleverly crafted spaces. Generally, motorhomes over 3,500kg are not quite as fuel efficient than their lighter counterparts, so it is always worth factoring in some ongoing financials when you are making your choice.

Ultimately, motorhomes over 3500kg are the epitome of excellence for travellers who want to get a massive amount of quality for their money. Whatever type of motorhome you choose from Dicksons, you’re sure to enjoy a sense of freedom and the thrill of living in a quality on the road home.

Frequently asked questions

Motorhomes weighing more than 3500kg are often much larger than the more compact coachbuilt models, and therefore offer a much better option for those travellers who want to enjoy some serious on the road luxury. A-class motorhomes, for example, are a cut above. Check out the stock at Dicksons and see how a heavier motorhome could increase the quality of your experience.

Most motorhomes are, we believe, under 3500kg and can therefore be driven on a standard UK driving licence. However, vehicles which sit above this weight are more geared towards connoisseurs of the lifestyle – people who have experienced motorhome living before and want to take it to its ultimate luxury conclusion. Once they have achieved C1 (see the FAQ below) then larger, weightier, motorhomes are also perfect for travellers who are likely to be out on the road for extended periods of time. They are well-equipped and spacious enough to support happy road-life for months or even years!

We have a great stock of motorhomes available at Dicksons, including vehicles which weight more than 3500kg. If you choose to buy one of these you will need to achieve the additional C1 classification on your UK driving licence. This will involve taking further tests (both theory and practical) as well as a medical examination by your Doctor. It will all be worth it in the end as, A-class particularly, motorhomes over 3500kg represent the ultimate in road living.