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Our new motorhome brands

at Dicksons Motorhomes

Dicksons is proud to stock a wide range of models from leading brands – meaning our customers have the best possible options when choosing their new motorhome. With vehicles from Auto Sleepers, Itineo, Malibu, Pilote, Rapido and Roller Team ready and waiting at Dicksons, there’s an abundance of luxury and high quality available to pick from. Be ready to hit the road for another year in your special new motorhome by shopping with us here at Dicksons. More about each of our brands below, or contact us for more information.

Auto-Sleepers motorhomes

Back at Dicksons of Perth for this year’s new season, Auto-Sleepers is bringing its expert knowledge and modern ideas together again to introduce their famous 2024 Auto-Sleepers motorhomes and campervans. As a British family-focused motorhome maker, Auto-Sleepers leisure vehicles blend skilled craftsmanship with clever and practical designs. Every part, from the comfy fabric seats to the latest tech, has been carefully thought out in our Auto-Sleepers motorhomes. For 2024, they’re back with new designs, top-quality features, and smart layouts to make the most of space and storage in your new motorhome. Check out our range of 2024 Auto-Sleepers motorhomes for sale and get in touch with our team at Dicksons of Perth for more details.

Itineo motorhomes

Rediscover your sense of freedom with the new Itineo motorhomes collection. Arriving in our forecourts with a brand-new set of bodywork, these luxury leisure vehicles are ready to hit the road for another year with a fresh contemporary design. Blossoming from the established Rapido group, Itineo motorhomes bring with them a legacy of success built upon years of expert engineering and craftsmanship, offering a motorhome range that brings both comfort and style to the forefront of design. Discover the Itineo range this season at Dicksons of Perth. View our range or contact us today for more information.

Malibu motorhomes

Malibu motorhomes have been at the forefront of pioneering German campervan design since 1979 and is now one of the largest converters of motorhomes in Europe as a company of Carthago. Malibu has become a successful motorhome manufacturer both in the UK and across Europe with decades of experience evident through sophisticated design that is paired with specialist technology and being well suited to both the casual traveller and the serious long-term road trip enthusiast. Cutting edge design has once again been improved for the new season with even more additional features and extra fittings to create outstanding campervans. Dicksons of Perth is proud to once again stock Malibu campervans for this season as the only official Malibu dealer in Scotland. To find out more about our Malibu motorhomes in stock, you can view all new models on our website or give us a call today for more information.

Pilote motorhomes

The pioneering French brand Pilote has been designing and building motorhomes for over half a century, meaning that decades of knowledge and experience go into every motorhome produced. Pilote spectacular low-profile coachbuilts have become firm favourites both at home and abroad amongst people looking for a touch of luxury inside their next motorhome. For the 2024 season, Pilote have returned with their luxury interiors which offer a fresh, modern look, inspiring comfortable living wherever your travels take you. For 2024 Dicksons offer two Pilote ranges, the Expression and Evidence, both stunning low-profile motorhomes with breath-taking interiors. There are a huge variety of different layouts and lengths to suit every lifestyle, as well as customisation options to personalise your motorhome and truly make it your own. Dicksons of Perth is proud to be the only official dealer in Scotland of this prestigious brand for the 2024 season. So, why not browse our stylish new Pilote motorhomes for sale online today.

Rapido motorhomes

Rapido motorhomes are celebrated for their premium quality, innovative design, and luxurious comfort, making them a top choice in the world of leisure vehicles. Originating from France, Rapido has a rich history of motorhome manufacturing, offering a wide range of models that cater to various lifestyles and travel needs. These motorhomes are known for their robust construction, elegant interiors, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring travellers experience unparalleled comfort and convenience. The line-up includes selection of different models, from compact vans to expansive A-class motorhomes, each designed with attention to detail, from efficient space utilisation to high-end amenities like leather upholstery, LED lighting, and advanced multimedia systems. Rapido’s commitment to providing a seamless blend of home comfort and mobility makes its motorhomes ideal for those looking to explore the roads without compromising on the luxuries of home.

Roller Team motorhomes

Roller Team’s diversity, practicality and modernity is what makes them so popular with customers all over the UK. From the comfortable coachbuilt ranges to the spacious A-class Roller Team Pegaso, there truly is a Roller Team motorhome for everyone. The 2024 season presents cleaner, quieter engines that are ready to take you away whether just for a weekend getaway or, for a season out on the open road. These brand new 2024 models also offer the return of much loved features and interiors, complementing varied and modern layouts across all of the ranges. If you are looking for a new motorhome to match both your lifestyle and personality, look no further than the diverse new Roller Team models in stock now at Dicksons of Perth.