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Coachbuilt Motorhomes For Sale

It’s easy to find the right coachbuilt motorhome to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a coachbuilt that’s been built on a chassis cab by Ford, Mercedes or Fiat. There are plenty of fantastic options available at Dicksons. If you need something compact and highly practical or something a little more spacious and based around luxury, we can advise and supply. However many berths you require, and whatever type of layout you’d prefer, it’s as simple as getting in touch for more information and to book your visit.

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Types of coachbuilt motorhomes

Coachbuilt motorhomes from Dicksons are available in two main styles: low profile and overcab. Both types retain the original base vehicle’s cab shape, though low profile models offer a streamlined design while overcab models have (as the name suggests) an additional space built in above the cab. This area can be used for extra storage or as a bed, and can be accessed via a ladder or staircase.

Living in a coachbuilt motorhome

At Dicksons all of our coachbuilt motorhomes offer generous living areas where you’ll find everything you need for some quality time on the road. They include dining areas, well-kitted modern kitchens and social seating areas. Additionally, modern bathrooms include all the facilities you require: Shower, washbasin and toilet. Coachbuilt motorhomes also feature a range of lifestyle conveniences like heating systems, air conditioning and electric hook-up. Some also offer external features like BBQ, shower or power points.

Sleeping in a coachbuilt motorhome

No matter what your specific needs, the coachbuilt motorhomes available at Dicksons offer a variety of sleeping options. Whether you’re travelling as a couple or with family or friends, you’ll easily find a coachbuilt motorhome that provides comfort for all. High quality double island beds, twin beds or bunk beds will ensure a comfortable night of dreaming after a day on the move.

Coachbuilt motorhomes at Dicksons

Many of the coachbuilt motorhomes available at Dicksons weigh in at 3500kg, making them perfect for those who are just beginning their motorhome lifestyle, and also for those who are seasoned travellers. Dicksons offers a fantastic selection of new and used models from popular brands. Get in touch to organise a visit today.

Frequently asked questions

Very simply, this is due to the way the motorhome has been manufactured. The living area has been constructed directly onto the chassis of the vehicle. Looking at it from the outside, a coachbuilt motorhome more or less maintains the appearance of the original base vehicle.

The coachbuilt motorhomes available at Dicksons are suitable for all – whether a party of two looking to get away for a romantic weekend, or a family heading out on the road for some well-deserved holiday bonding time. Coachbuilts are available with different layouts and number of berths, to suit a variety of needs.