Pilote Motorhomes

Pilote Motorhomes

pilote motorhomes

Pilote motorhomes offer Pacific and Galaxy motorhomes, French built motorhomes with expertly designed interiors and ergonomic floor plans.

Each motorhome from Pilote has been designed with the end user in mind, presenting the best features throughout every aspect of the motorhome.

Due to this, all kitchens feature plenty of storage space for cookware and food, as well as the large worktop area allowing you to create home cooked meals wherever in the world you are.

The choice of bedrooms across both ranges provide you with plenty of choice, whether you’re looking for a couple’s holiday or a family break.

Dicksons of Perth is easily accessible from Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and also connects to main roads leading to Aberdeen and Inverness. Due to its location, Dicksons is the ideal place to find the motorhome of your dreams.

Pacific Range

Pilote Pacific Range

The Pilote Pacific range features a wide variety of low-profile motorhomes with up to four sleeping spaces. The Pacific motorhomes start from 5.99m and can reach up to 7.45m in length, providing plenty of space to enjoy your motorhome without feeling cramped or crowded.

The large number of models allow you to choose from a variety of configurations, including island and twin beds, garage beds and pull-down beds for space saving options. Every bathroom in the Pacific motorhomes are modern and contemporary, offering you only the best design and finishes on every feature to provide a five-star feeling.

galaxy Range

Pilote Galaxy Range

The A-Class motorhomes of the Pilote Galaxy range offer you the chance to view your destination through the large panoramic windscreen. With plenty of models throughout the range, the new Pilote Galaxy motorhomes create well balanced spaces where nothing is wasted, presenting you with the upmost luxury. With excellent lighting, a number of skylights and light furnishings, each of the Pilote Galaxy motorhomes are bright and stylish. Throughout the Galaxy range Pilote has had the customer in mind, creating invaluable features such as people being able to pass in the aisle whilst using the kitchen without any hassle.