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As part of the Carthago company, each Malibu motorhome benefits from a team of highly experienced experts who are dedicated to creating the best motorhomes for you. Starting out with only campervans, the Malibu brand has expanded to provide motorhomes for all lifestyles. The campervans for sale from Malibu are one of the best in their class, providing stylish interiors more reflective of a much large van. Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family holiday or a relaxing couple’s retreat, there are plenty of motorhomes to choose from in the Malibu range. Throughout the van conversion, coachbuilt and luxurious A-Class motorhomes, each Malibu model offers stylish interiors with plenty of creature comforts.

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Malibu campervans for sale

The Malibu motorhome was the original campervan conversion made by Malibu in 1979. Since then, the range has developed to include integrated and semi-integrated motorhomes. Whatever your lifestyle, Malibu has a motorhome fit for you.

If comfort and luxury is an essential, the Malibu provides this with no compromise, keeping relaxation in mind throughout every detail. If freedom is what you’re looking for in a motorhome then the Malibu is both compact and versatile allowing for spontaneous getaways. The semi integrated Malibu T campervan offers the best of both worlds, taking features of both the other ranges to provide a convenient, individual motorhome. Meeting in the middle on size and featuring both comfort and practicality.