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It has been over forty years since the first Malibu motorhome took to the road and each year Malibu presents fresher designs, higher specifications and updated technology – which is exactly what you can expect from the 2021 line-up of Malibu motorhomes. For this new season, Malibu presents their first pop-up roof campervan alongside models with pioneering layouts creating separate rooms, it is clear to see innovation has been at the forefront of the Malibu motorhomes line-up this 2021 season. Choose from integrated and semi-integrated motorhome models or Malibu vans, with an ever-improving line-up you are guaranteed to find the perfect Malibu motorhome to suit your preferences and touring lifestyle. Browse the ranges below and contact Dicksons of Perth today for more information.

Malibu Motorhomes

Malibu motorhomes for sale

With an impressive eight models to choose from for 2021, the new Malibu Integrated motorhomes offer an array of layouts and sleeping arrangements to suit every type of tourer. Each model also presents an optional extra berth and with island, twin, double and drop-down beds you can easily get a good night’s sleep after a day on the road. Malibu Integrated motorhomes benefit from less wind resistance, fuel consumption and an extra-low dashboard to improve visibility of the road. All 2021 models boast extra-large drop-down beds, LED ambient lighting and LED work lighting that can be switched on separately. Choose from the Malibu I 441 LE, I 410 FB, I 430 LE, 1 440 LE, I 440 QEB, I 460 LE, I 490 LE and I 500 QB today at Dicksons of Perth, Scotland’s only Malibu dealer.

The Malibu Semi-Integrated motorhome line-up mirrors that of its integrated counterpart, but with a difference. With a slim driver’s cabin and stylish roof profile, the aerodynamics are optimised. Malibu Semi-Integrated motorhomes focus on being lightweight and compact, whilst hosting a vast amount of storage space, accessible from the inside and outside of the motorhome. Each 2021 Malibu Semi-Integrated model also offers an optional electrically operated central fold-down bed, to make evenings that little bit easier. All new Malibu Semi-Integrated motorhomes are two to four berths, making them the ideal travel companion for couples and small families alike. Take a look at this brand-new line-up today and contact Dicksons of Perth to arrange a viewing or for more information about any Malibu Semi-Integrated motorhome.

Malibu Campervans

Malibu campervans for sale

The 2021 line-up of Malibu campervans features five ranges to choose from for the new season. These premium Malibu van conversions are as versatile as they are luxurious. Whether it be the Malibu Van Comfort, dubbed as the master of self-sufficiency, the Malibu Van First Class – two rooms, with an innovative layout that creates two rooms for ultimate privacy, there is a guaranteed match for every type of tourer. The Malibu Van Charming boasts exclusive models as a coupé or GT skyview and truly lives up to its name with a radiator grille in high gloss black, a leather steering wheel and indirect ambient lighting at the driver and passenger sides. For those who want the compact ease of a campervan yet need the extra berths, the 2021 Malibu Van Family-for-4 features a pop-top roof with unique hybrid construction to create four fully-fledged berths. View brand-new Malibu campervans for sale today at Dicksons of Perth.