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All New Malibu Motorhomes

Malibu motorhomes are renowned for their quality, durability and cutting-edge features.

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About Malibu Motorhomes

Malibu motorhomes have been producing motorhomes and campervans for over forty years, and each year they come back with fresher designs, higher specifications and updated technology. 

Our Range of Malibu Motorhomes

We have a handpicked collection of Malibu motorhomes available at Dicksons of Perth. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or new to motorhome adventures, you will find a model to suit your needs and preferences.

Featured Models: 

  • Malibu Van
  • Malibu I
  • Malibu T

Frequently asked questions

Malibu motorhomes offer both automatic and manual transmission options. The availability of an automatic transmission depends on the specific model and the configuration chosen.

Yes, many Malibu motorhomes are equipped with garages, providing you with ample storage space for various items including bicycles, outdoor gear and other travel essentials.