Roller Team Motorhomes

Roller Team Motorhomes

Roller Team Motorhomes

Roller Team is a relatively young brand that has quickly made a name for itself throughout Europe. It has become a leader in many European countries, always pioneering new solutions that have made the motorhome accessible to everyone, offering a competitive and technologically advanced product.

Relatively new to the motorhome industry, the European motorhome manufacturer as part of the Trigano group has expanded and improved its range for the 2019 season. Including a new compact A-Class motorhome in the Pegaso range, the Pegaso 590 is a one of a kind - a luxury A-Class motorhome measuring in at under 6m.

For 2019, Roller Team continues to offer the same ranges that have made them so popular, including the Auto-Roller, Zefiro, Pegaso and T-Line ranges, and now with the addition of the new Toleno campervan range. The new range offers van conversion motorhomes, a first for Roller Team and providing smaller and more compact motorhomes with the same great Roller Team quality.

Throughout these new motorhomes, Roller Team offer the same reliability and durability creating motorhomes you can trust wherever you go. With versatile layouts and smart storage spaces in each model, there is more than enough space for everyone.

Dicksons of Perth is easily accessible from Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and also connects to main roads leading to Aberdeen and Inverness. Due to its location, Dicksons is the ideal place to find the motorhome of your dreams.

Zefiro Range

Roller Team Zefiro Range

The Zefiro range from Roller Team features five and six berth motorhomes making these models ideal for families. With motorhomes in high-line and low-line, you can choose your preference based on your lifestyle, whichever body profile you choose you can benefit from either an overcab bed or drop down bed. These options provide you with additional sleeping spaces without taking up any space during the day and without having to be made up at night.

Elsewhere in the range, you will find fixed beds in every model, including island beds, fixed beds and bunk beds, providing you with a comfortable night’s sleep every time.

The new Roller Team Zefiro motorhomes allow you to enjoy family holidays away in a motorhome you can trust. The durability of the build of these motorhomes mean they are made to last, so you can tour around the UK and Europe without a worry in the world.

Toleno Range

Roller Team Toleno Range

For 2019, Roller Team has introduced the new Toleno campervan range. The first van conversion range by Roller Team, the Toleno range consists of two new models.

Bringing their reliability and durability into this new body style, Roller Team now offers excellent build quality across a vast range of motorhomes from two to seven berths. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the motorhomes in the Toleno range are easily manoeuvrable and the streamlined van conversion models can suitably be used for every day use.

Boasting the superior design and convenience of all Roller Team motorhomes, the campervans in this new range are ideal for couples or adventurers. Aiding to spontaneous holidays and getaways, the Roller Team Toleno motorhomes provide practical features allowing you to make the most of your time away.

Pegaso Range

Roller Team Pegaso Range

The Roller Team Pegaso range has been updated for 2019, with a brand-new addition. The new Pegaso 590 is unlike any other as a compact A-Class motorhome.

If you’re looking for a luxury A-Class motorhome but don’t feel the need for a large model, the 590 offers a sub-six motorhome easy to drive and park. The new model includes all of the same great features of the rest of the Pegaso motorhome range, including contemporary furnishings and refined light wood furniture.

Across all three models, these motorhomes cater for four people, allowing you to choose which deluxe motorhome best suits you. Whether it’s a U-shaped lounge for socialising, an island bed for relaxing, or the ease of a compact motorhome, the choice is all yours in the new Roller Team Pegaso range.

Auto-Roller Range

Roller Team Auto-Roller Range

The Roller Team Auto-Roller range is one of the few ranges that contain a seven-berth motorhome, and the only range from Roller Team. Across the range you will find large six and seven berth motorhomes, making these the best options for large family holidays or group trips away.

Despite the amount of people, the expertly designed layouts and interiors never make you feel cramped or crowded. The sleek and modern interiors provide a sophisticated feel across the models, creating a feeling less of a motorhome but more of a boutique hotel on wheels. The smart features across each model mean you do not have to compromise on any of your home comforts.

Not only comfortable and stylish inside, the Auto-Roller range is practical and durable, allowing you to holiday with your family with no worries. If you’re looking for a large motorhome than the Roller Team Auto-Roller range is what you need.

T-Line Range

Roller Team T-line Range

The three models in the Roller Team T-Line range consist of four and five berth models. Roller Team utilise every bit of space in each model, meaning you get the most out of your motorhome. Space saving features across the board include under bed storage in the twin bed layout, drop down beds in each model, and handy cupboard space in every room.

The interiors across the T-Line range have a sleek and stylish finish, with a welcoming atmosphere meaning you’re going to want to spend time relaxing and socialising in your T-Line motorhome. Across the three different layouts you will find L-shaped lounges with fixed tables, perfect for mealtimes and providing you with a homely feel.