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Rapido Motorhomes for Sale

When you’re looking to travel in style and comfort, the only way to go is with Rapido motorhomes. With their extensive and luxurious A-Class motorhomes, you get a total of 13 models over five ranges, and for the Low-Profile range you get eight models over two ranges. Whether you’re looking for a light and bright Low-Profile or a spacious and gracious A-Class, Rapido motorhomes are worth paying attention to. View our Rapido motorhomes range today.

Rapido A-Class

Rapido Motorhomes for Sale

In the Rapido A-Class range you will find the C, M, Distinction, 80dF and 8F series. The Rapido A-Class motorhomes are two-berth temples of comfort with the possibility of extending them to four-berths. The 8096dF and 8066dF in the 80dF range have previously undergone redesigns to mark Rapido’s 60th anniversary as a leading motorhome manufacturer, as have the i66 and i96 in the Distinction series. Take a look at the many models across the A-Class category to discover why Rapido is a market-leading manufacturer in the leisure vehicle industry. With a host of fantastic features and layouts, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Rapido Low-Profile

Rapido Motorhomes for Sale

If you’re looking for a Low-Profile compact or something a little bigger, then take a good look at the motorhomes Rapido brings to the Dickson’s garage with their C and 6F series. The two ranges have undergone redesigns for the 2024 season to include even more spectacular features than before. The Low-Profile range is standard two-berth recreational vehicle with the option of having an additional berth included. Don’t let the two ranges fool you – there’s plenty on offer in these charming motorhomes to make your next adventure unforgettable. Contact our team for more information.