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Campervans Under 3,500kg

Dicksons carries an always impressive stock of campervans – including many fantastic models weighing less than 3500kg. This lower weight factor means vehicles which can be ‘driven straight off the forecourt’ (as long as you have a standard UK driving licence). When you’re looking for just the right campervan to kick-start your on the road lifestyle, Dicksons has the right selection of vehicles to meet your needs. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Why buy a campervan under 3500kg?

Campervans which weigh below 3500 kg provide an opportunity for drivers to immediately get behind the wheel and hit the highway. They can be driven on a standard UK driving licence, with no additional classification required on that licence. No additional theory, practical or medical tests required – just sheer on the road pleasure! Campervans offer travellers a comfortable and highly convenient living space, the perfect base for going off and exploring what’s out there.

About Campervans under 3500kg

Manufacturers of campervans under 3500kg in weight use an intelligent approach to design, with interiors cleverly put together in terms of the positions of features and functions. The kitchen will be ergonomically designed to offer maximum convenience within its footprint, while the social and sleeping areas will make the most out of their compact nature, providing plenty of comfort.

Campervans under 3500kg provide a great living experience for travellers who take them out on the road for weekend trips and slightly longer breaks – and can even be used as a domestic run around vehicle. Whether you’re off to work or picking the kids up from school, a campervan under 3500kg can be your go-to family vehicle.

Campervans under 3500kg are for those people who love the lifestyle and want an easy to use, lovely to live in kind of vehicle. When you choose a campervan under 3500kg from Dicksons, you’ll get the pleasure of travelling in a compact but great quality home from home.

Frequently asked questions

Campervans weighing below 3500kg are usually more compact than the larger models available, but that doesn’t equate to any loss of quality or enjoyment. These are perfect vehicles for couples who like to zip off for a weekend or a longer break, or for families who need a highly capable vehicle for picking the kids up from school and ferrying them about! In other words, campervans below 3500kg offer adventure vehicles which can double as domestic runners. Check out the stock available from Dicksons and please feel free to talk to us if you have any queries.

When you drive a motorhome under 3,500kg you can do so immediately on a standard UK driving licence. There is no requirement for further testing to achieve a higher classification. This is only required in vehicles which weight more than 3500kg. You should find a campervan below 3500kg is also relatively easy to handle on the roads – perhaps equivalent to a large car or SUV.