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All New Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes

Auto-Sleepers are known for their luxurious interiors, durable builds and attention to detail.

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About Auto-Sleepers

Auto-sleepers have been crafting motorhomes since 1961, combining innovation with decades of expertise. Auto-Sleepers cater to both weekend explorers and long-term travellers seeking the ultimate in motorhome comfort and reliability. 

Our Range of Auto-Sleepers

Discover our range of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, featuring models that combine cutting-edge technology with timeless design. Each vehicle is inspected to ensure it meets our high standards, promising you a seamless journey ahead. 

Featured Models: 

  • Auto-Sleeper Broadway
  • Auto-Sleeper Symbol
  • Auto-Sleeper Kingham

Frequently asked questions

Auto-Sleepers are designed for recreational travel and provide a combination of transportation and living accommodations. Auto-Sleepers come in a range of models, including panel van conversions and coachbuilt motorhomes, all equipped with well-appointed kitchens, comfortable sleeping areas, modern bathrooms and ample storage solutions.

Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes are made by Auto-Sleepers Group LTD, a well-established and reputable manufacturer based in the UK. The company has been crafting high-quality motorhomes and campervans for over 60 years and are well known for their attention to detail and innovative craftsmanship.